30th International PLEA Conference: SUSTAINABLE HABITAT FOR DEVELOPING SOCIETIES – Choosing The Way Forward;

December 16 -18, 2014; Ahmedabad, India


Edited by: Rajan Rawal, Sanyogita Manu, Nirmala Khadpekar

Publisher CEPT UNIVERSITY PRESS, Centre for Documentation & Publications CEPT University, Kasturbhai Lalbhai Campus, University Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009, Gujarat, India

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All contributions to the 2014 PLEA Conference included herein were independently peer reviewed on the basis of the full paper, prior to publication
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Day 1: 11:30-13:10 – Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Session 1A – Passive Design, KCG, Auditorium
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2117 Khaled El-Deeb Effect of courtyard height and proportions on energy performance of multi-storey air-conditioned desert buildings.
ID. 2176 Md Mohataz Hossain Improving ventilation condition of labour-intensive garment factories in Bangladesh
ID. 2179 Sureepan Supansomboon The impact of tropical classroom facade design alternatives on daylight levels and cooling energy consumption
ID. 2247 Ankit Bhalla Impact of native evergreen trees on the visual comfort in an office space in Ahmedabad, India
ID. 2251 Werner Lang The Energy Efficiency Center of the Center for Applied Energy Research Wuerzburg (D)
Session 1B – Low carbon cities and neighbourhood development, KCG, Compassion (GF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2149 Thomas Spiegelhalter Achieving Best Practice Net-Zero-Energy Building Design Instruction Methods
ID. 2253 Nilesh Bakshi A low energy community? A comparative study of Eco Villages around the world
ID. 2259 Masahito Takata Spatial Structure of City Blocks with Vacant Lands in Edo, Early Modern Tokyo – Introducing the Appropriate Wind into Outdoor Living Spaces
ID. 2262 Damien Trigaux Optimization for Passive Design of Large Scale Housing Projects for Energy and Thermal Comfort in a Hot and Humid Climate
ID. 2343 Luciano Caruggi de Faria Investigations about a Scale of Correlation for the Relationship between Urban Physical Dimensions and Wind Cp
Session 1C – User behaviour, thermal comfort & energy performance, KCG, Grace (GF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2164 Evyatar Erell Daylighting for Visual Comfort and Energy Conservation in Offices in Sunny Regions
ID. 2174 Patricia Martin del Guayo Improving Outdoor Urban Environments: Three Case Studies in Spain
ID. 2207 Sadhan Mahapatra Thermal Comfort in Naturally Ventilated Classrooms
ID. 2246 Sophie Lufkin Comparison of Strategies improving Local Energy Self-sufficiency at Neighborhood Scale. Case study in Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland)
Session 1D – Tools and methods/ framework, KCG, Trust (FF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2121 O. Dartevelle PROSOLIS: a Web Tool for Thermal and Daylight Characteristics Comparison of Glazing Complexes
ID. 2122 Simon Cuvellier Improving the Energy Efficiency of the Building Stock: A Bottom-up Model and its Application in an Online Interactive Portal
ID. 2157 Chao Yuan GIS-based urban permeability evaluation in the urban planning to improve the wind environment – A case study in Wuhan, China
ID. 2211 Bengt Cousins-Jenvey Comparing deterministic and probabilistic non-operational building energy modelling
ID. 2219 Harsh Sachdeva CBD greening and Air Temperature Variation in Melbourne
Day 1: 14:10-15:50 – Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Session 2A – Passive design, KCG, Auditorium
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2297 Futoshi Miyaoka Sustainable habitat for emerging economies
ID. 2319 Babak Raji A Comparative Study of Design Strategies for Energy Efficiency in 6 High-Rise Buildings in Two Different Climates
ID. 2325 Dima Albadra The potential for natural ventilation as a viable passive cooling strategy in hot developing countries
ID. 2335 Helena Coch Shop-window lighting: the use of sun to improve visual appeal and reduce energy demand
ID. 2340 Susanne Bodach Developing bio-climatic zones and passive solar design strategies for Nepal
Session 2B – Low carbon cities and neighbourhood development, KCG, Compassion (GF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2373 M. Hendel Improving pedestrian thermal comfort by pavement-watering during intense heat events
ID. 2476 Abel Tablada Sunlight availability for food and energy harvesting in tropical generic residential districts
ID. 2509 Andhang Rakhmat Trihamdani The Cooling Effect of Green Strategies Proposed in the Hanoi Master Plan for Mitigation of Urban Heat Island
ID. 2546 Luisa Brotas Tall buildings and the urban microclimate in the city of London
ID. 2714 Kanagaraj Ganesan Baseline Scenario of Energy Consumption of Urban Multi- Storey Residential Buildings in India
Session 2C – User behaviour, thermal comfort & energy performance, KCG, Grace (GF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2281 Priji Balakrishnan Cool spots in hot climates: a means to achieve pedestrian comfort in hot climates
ID. 2307 Yaik-Wah Lim The Effect of Natural Ventilation and Daylighting on Occupants’ Health in Malaysian Urban Housing
ID. 2317 Madhavi Indraganti Thermal Comfort in Offices in India: Behavioral Adaptation and the Effect of Age and Gender
ID. 2405 Meita T Arethusa Factors influencing window-opening behavior in apartments of Indonesia
Session 2D – Tools and methods/ framework, KCG, Trust (FF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2222 Martine Laprise An Operational Indicator System for the Integration of Sustainability into the Design Process of Urban Wasteland Regeneration.
ID. 2268 Damien Trigaux A simplified approach to integrate energy calculations in the Life Cycle Assessment of neighbourhoods
ID. 2280 Maria Gracia Riera Perez SméO, a sustainability assessment tool targeting the 2000 Watts society
ID. 2296 Khuplianlam TUNGNUNG Affordance of thermal comfort through passive design: A Case Analysis on Effects of Ventilation, Shading, and Thermal Mass in Delhi
ID. 2909 Susanna Douglas Out of Phase: Building Scale Analysis for Zero Energy Master Planning
Day 1: 16:05-17:45 – Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Session 3A – Lessons from vernacular architecture, KCG, Auditorium
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2131 Martin Wieser The ‘Teatinas’ of Lima: Energy Analysis and Possibilities of Contemporary Use
ID. 2177 Zheng Tan Influence of Greenery in Cooling the Urban Atmosphere and Surfaces in Compact Old Residential Building Blocks: A Building Morphology Approach
ID. 2209 Sadhan Mahapatra Design optimisation of vernacular building in warm and humid climate of North-East India
ID. 2257 Yuan Shi Wind Environment in Chinese Vernacular Courtyard House and Settlement
ID. 2601 Amira Elnokaly Demystifying Vernacular Shop Houses And Contemporary Shops In Malaysia To Develop A Green-Shop Framework
Session 3B – Innovative technologies, KCG, Compassion (GF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2260 Loïc Fumeaux Toward an innovative temporary event structure based on bioclimatic principles
ID. 2314 Paola Gallo Sustainable habitat: market trends and testing of innovative products
ID. 2490 Shimeng Hao Design Strategies on Heat Recovery of Cooking Stove in Rural Houses of China
ID. 2632 A. Mahdavi Efficient building design model generation and evaluation: The SEMERGY Approach
ID. 2882 Emanuele Naboni Integration of Outdoor Thermal and
Visual Comfort in Parametric Design
Session 3C – Control techniques for energy management, KCG, Grace (GF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2240 Antonio Carbonari Energy demand, thermal and luminous comfort in office buildings: a computer method to evaluate different solar control strategies
ID. 2715 Jose Ripper Kos Tuning a house through building management systems
ID. 2908 Santosh V Philip Adaptive comfort and control protocols for natural ventilation
ID. 2691 P. C. Thomas Effective natural ventilation in modern apartment buildings
Session 3D – Tools and methods/ framework, KCG, Trust (FF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2338 Doris Hooi Chyee Toe Numerical Simulation of Passive Cooling Strategies for Urban Terraced Houses in Hot-Humid Climate of Malaysia
ID. 2494 Shimeng Hao Thermographic Study on Thermal Performance of Rural Houses in Southwest China
ID. 2353 Mehul Bhatt Regeneration and Recovery
ID. 2358 Jessen Page Aggregating building energy demand simulation to support urban energy design
ID. 2427 Li Wan Built Environment Sustainability Assessment of Poor Rural Areas of Southwest China
Day 2: 8:30-10:10 – Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Session 4A – Passive design, KCG, Auditorium
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2345 Lorna Kiamba Climate-responsive Vernacular Swahili Housing
ID. 2901 Gustavo Alexandre Cardoso Cantuaria Integrated environmental assessment of hemocentro ceará (blood center): sustainability and space quality guidelines
ID. 2388 Jonathan Natanian ‘The Open Air Office’ – Climatic adaptation of the office building typology in the Mediterranean
ID. 2780 Baarde Saurabh Buildings without electricity in early development of Mumbai City- A case study of Asiatic library – The town hall of Mumbai.
ID. 2399 Juan Vallejo A Green School for Gaza: design and thermal performance evaluation
Session 4B – Low carbon cities and neighbourhood development, KCG, Compassion (GF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2619 Mariela Arboit Solar radiation availability in forested urban environments with dry climate. Case: Mendoza metropolitan area, Argentina.
ID. 2620 Sofia Ornelas Neves Incremental Housing as a method to the Sustainable Habitat
ID. 2655 Tasneem Tariq An ENVI-met Simulation Study on Urban Open Spaces of Dhaka, Bangladesh
ID. 2679 Kyung-Hoi Lee Energy and Resources Positive Building Design in Urban Resilience Context
Session 4C – User behaviour, thermal comfort & energy performance, KCG, Grace (GF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2411 Denise H. S. Duarte Thermal comfort in residential buildings for the elderly under climate changes context
ID. 2430 Leena E. Thomas Shifting the norm – towards effective mixed mode buildings
ID. 2466 Eric Vorger Integration of a comprehensive stochastic model of occupancy in building simulation to study how inhabitants influence energy performance
ID. 2675 Pedro Augspach Assesing Pedestrian Thermal Comfort within The Buenos Aires Climatic Context
ID. 2234 Hisham Elkadi The Catalyst Role of School Architecture in Enhancing Children’s Environmental Behavior
Session 4D – Tools and methods/ framework, KCG, Trust (FF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2381 Wing Lam Lo A new subjective-objective approach to evaluating lighting quality: A case study of concert lighting for Cambridge King’s College Chapel
ID. 2390 Antoine Dugué Characterization and valorization of shading devices: proposition of a simple and flexible model
ID. 2379 Natalia Giraldo Vásquez Testing a method to assess the thermal sensation and preference of children in kindergartens
ID. 2439 Goopyo Hong Analysis of the contribution of the building elements for improving the airtightness in residential buildings
ID. 2481 Tathiane Martins DOE sensitivity analysis of urban morphology factors regarding solar irradiation on buildings envelope in the Brazilian tropical context
Session 4E – Material technology, KCG, Faith (SF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2482 Saboor S Analytical computation of thermal response characteristics of homogeneous and composite walls of Building and Insulating materials used in India
ID. 2547 Roshmi Sen Investigation on the performance of alternative walling materials in an affordable housing unit situated in warm humid climate
ID. 2638 Angelo Figliola Parametric design for technological and “smart” system. Adaptive and optimized skin.
ID. 2663 Yupeng Wang The Influence of Insulation Styles on the Air Conditioning Load of Japanese Multi-Family Residences
ID. 2687 Humberto Mora Contemporary use of earthen techniques in Colombia: thermal performance of domestic and non-domestic building typologies
Day 2: 11:30-13:10 – Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Session 5A – Lessons from vernacular architecture, KCG, Auditorium
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2278 Ritu Gulati Comparative thermal performance of vernacular houses at Lucknow: A Quantitative assessment of the Core Urban Courtyard Type, Colonial Adapted Bungalows & Semi-Rural Mud Houses at Lucknow.
ID. 2311 Arnaud Evrard Assessing Sustainable retrofit of the old part of dwellings stock in Brussels Capital Region
ID. 2409 Bruna Bajramovic Passive house elements of traditional Bosnian town house: Towards contemporary passive house in Bosnian context
ID. 2537 Wael A. Yousef Mousa Solar Control in Traditional Architecture, Potentials for Passive Design in Hot and Arid Climate
ID. 2674 Kiamba, L. Kampong Ayer: A Community Living on Water in Brunei Darussalam
Session 5B – Low carbon cities and neighbourhood development, KCG, Compassion (GF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2890 Rajat Gupta How effective are ‘close to zero’ carbon new dwellings in reducing actual energy demand: Insights from UK
ID. 2891 Rajat Gupta A quiet revolution: mapping energy use in low carbon communities
ID. 2759 Denise Duarte The Impact of Vegetation on Urban Microclimate to Counterbalance Built Density in a Subtropical Changing Climate
ID. 2773 Chitrarekha Kabre The Life and Death of the Minnesota Experimental City: An Experiment in Utopian City Planning
ID. 2766 Julia Ratajczak Towards the Improvement of Cooling Energy and Seismic Performance in Timber buildings using GIS and Interactive Database
Session 5C – User behaviour, thermal comfort & energy performance, KCG, Grace (GF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2582 Manuel Correia Guedes The use of Environmental Controls: Bioclimatic Performance of “Baixa Pombalina’s” Heritage Buildings.
ID. 2622 Hom B. Rijal Development of a Window Opening Algorithm to Predict Occupant Behavior in Japanese Houses
ID. 2471 Krutika Ghawghawe Determining the Trade-offs between Thermal Comfort and Cooling Consumption in Indian Office Buildings
ID. 2682 Tsukasa Ogino Examination of indoor thermal environment and energy performance by Active Air-conditioning Control Method utilizing adjustment behavior of occupants
ID. 2699 Carla Figueroa-Villamar Thermal comfort in housing of the metropolitan area of the valley of Mexico
Session 5D – Tools and methods/ framework, KCG, Trust (FF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2344 Leonardo M. Monteiro Empirical and software verification of a simplified predictive model of luminous efficiency of light-pipes
ID. 2526 Steve Yim Development of a high-resolution meteorological model for urban heat island effect assessment
ID. 2533 Adrian Pitts Sustainability Assessment Methods for the Gulf Region
Session 5E – Material technology, KCG, Faith (SF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2721 Mona Doctor-Pingel Evaluating the Performance of Naturally Ventilated Brick and Lime Domes and Vaults in Warm-humid Climate in South India
ID. 2728 Ahmed Hassan Temperature Regulation and Thermal Energy Storage Potential of Phase Change Materials Layer Contained at the Back of a Building Integrated Photovoltaic Panel in a Double Skin Facade
ID. 2747 Nishita Baderia The role of thermal mass in humid subtropical climate: thermal performance and energy demand of CSET building, Ningbo
ID. 2825 Himanshu Poptani Extensive Green Roofs: Potential for thermal and energy benefits in buildings in central India
Day 2: 14:10-15:50 – Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Session 6A – Integrated design process, KCG, Auditorium
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2748 Vishal Garg WinOpt – An early stage design tool for optimizing window parameters
ID. 2205 Mark DeKay The Four Sustainable Design Perspectives
ID. 2764 Julia Ratajczak TIMber Buildings with Enhanced Energy and Seismic performance for Mediterranean region: the research project TIMBEEST
ID. 2790 Vivian Loftness The Triple Bottom Line Benefits of Investing in Climate-Responsive Façades
ID. 2206 Mark DeKay The Bundle-Up! Game: a collaborative learning tool for net-zero energy design
Session 6B – Low energy materials and technology, KCG, Compassion (GF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2637 Sriraj Gokarakonda Integrated dehumidification and downdraught evaporative cooling system for a hot-humid climate
ID. 2640 Yukari Hirayama Thermal Performance of “Passive Cooling Louver System” to Form Cool Microclimate in Urban Residential Outdoor Spaces
ID. 2772 Usep Surahman Embodied energy and CO2 emissions of building materials for residential buildings in Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia
ID. 2878 Surya Rajkumar Urban climate mapping of an institutional campus in hot-humid climate using GIS
ID. 2741 TaeCheol Lee Passive Cooling Techniques in an Outdoor Space and its Effects on the Indoor Climate
Session 6C – Energy and resource mapping, management & improvements, KCG, Grace (GF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2467 Antje Junghans The effects of energy-efficient buildings on facilities management and usability on the example of passive house schools in Norway
ID. 2905 Siebe Broersma The Energy Master Plan: Transition to self-sufficient city regions by means of an optimal approach to local energy potentials
ID. 2731 Tetsu Kubota A Comparative Analysis of Household Energy Consumption in Jakarta and Bandung
ID. 2745 Joana Carla Soares Gonçalves Examining the Environmental and Energy Challenges of Slums in São Paulo, Brazil
ID. 2864 Guillermo Leon Penagos García Sustainable water management in buildings, an affordable approach Case Study: Terra Bio-Hotel Project, Medellín, Colombia
Session 6D – Tools and methods/ framework, KCG, Trust (FF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2678 Massimo Palme Energy certification process in Chile: steps to a dynamic simulation of the building’s energy performance.
ID. 2645 Nishesh Jain Effects of Aggressive Energy Efficiency Regulations on an Unprepared Building Sector using Uncertainty Analysis
ID. 2696 Jeong-Joon Wang G-SEED : The Revised Korean Green Building Certification System
ID. 2410 Gabriel Felmer Developing Free-running Prototypes for different Climates of Chile
Session 6E – Material technology & Zero waste construction, KCG, Faith (SF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2684 Sung-Woo Kim Sustainable Design and Construction of a Prefab Housing System with High Performance
ID. 2926 Giane de Campos Grigoletti Carbon dioxide emissions of green roofing – case study in southern Brazil
ID. 2932 Vincent Buhagiar Design & Testing out of an Insulating Floor Element, composed of recycled rubber and inert demolition waste
ID. 2672 Susan Melsop Design Interventions to Encourage Pro-environmental Behavior: An Action Research Study on Waste Diversion in a University Residence Hall
Day 3: 9:25-10:10 – Thursday, December 18, 2014
Poster PA – Cities and neighbourhood development, KCG, Auditorium
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2232 Khandoker Tariqul Islam A Study on Micro-climate of URBAN CANYON
and Its Impact on Surrounding Urban Area
ID. 2264 Xinan Chi Study on the Sustainable Renewal of Poor Rural Communities of Southwest China
ID. 2599 Amjad Almusaed Urban Biophilic Theories upon Reconstructions process of Basrah City in Iraq
ID. 2156 Chao Yuan Design Science to Improve Air Quality in High-Density Cities
ID. 2134 Ar.I.Chandramathy Green Space Factor In Modifying The Microclimates In A Neighbourhood: Theory And Guidelines
ID. 2839 Amar Bennadji The UK’s experience in mitigating climate change:
a planned strategy or a learning curve?
ID. 2111 Mireya Alicia Rosas Lusett Energetic expenses of walls and roofs used
in the metropolitan zone of Tampico,
Madero and Altamira
ID. 2449 Bhaskar De Urban Physics for tomorrow’s Urban Design
ID. 2583 Luz Alicia Cárdenas-Jirón Assessment of Solar Access in different urban space
configurations in two southern latitude cities with mild
Poster PB – Vernacular Architecture, KCG, Compassion (GF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2903 Ricardo Mateus An Analysis of the Potentialities of
Portuguese Vernacular Architecture to
Improve Energy Efficiency
ID. 2438 Timothy O’Rourke The influence of culture on energy
consumption in Aboriginal housing in arid
regions of Australia
ID. 2657 Alessandro Rogora Evaluation of Environmental Control of
Transitional Microclimatic Spaces in
Temperate Mediterranean climate
ID. 2238 Yong Long Lim The Cross Socio-cultural and Climatic Adaptation Aspects of the Peranakan Chinese House in Kelantan
ID. 2226 Zainab Faruqui Ali Traditional Sustainability: Environmental
Designs in the Traditional Buildings of the
Middle East
ID. 2208 Sadhan Mahapatra Thermal Characteristics of a Vernacular
Building Envelope
ID. 2169 Huang Xuan Daylighting Analysis of Vernacular Architecture in Guizhou Province, China
ID. 2762 Brishbhanlali Raghuwanshi Changes in Culture and Architecture from
Vernacular to Modern: M.P., India
ID. 2112 Mina Hasman Vernacular Ecology: Environmental Recreation of Ancient Dwellings in Southeastern Turkey
Poster PC – Passive Design, KCG, Grace (GF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2175 Manit Rastogi Office in the Tropics
ID. 2196 Jin Woo Moon Morphological Variation Impact on
Heating and Cooling Energy Consumption
in Buildings
ID. 2417 Clarissa Pereira Digital Process: environment analysis of
intermediary spaces in the context of
Brazilian modern dwelling.
ID. 2597 Ayme Sharma Municipalities Leading the Way to a Low-Energy
Building Future
ID. 2289 Fernanda Antonio Zero Energy Solar-House Model for
Isolated and Environmental Protection
Areas in Brazil
ID. 2744 Avlokita Agrawal Development of Single Parameter to Rate
Architectural Design for Green Building
ID. 2195 Luc Adolphe Towards new design tools for integrating
environmental criteria in the design
process of architectural and urban
projects in developing countries
ID. 2610 Manuel Guedes Eco building schools in remote places |
Case study: Cunene, Angola
Poster PD – Thermal comfort, KCG, Trust (FF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2523 Reinhard Doleschal Integrating User Awareness and Behavior
into Building and Product Design for India:
Survey in Eight Giant Cities in India
ID. 2686 Tasneem Tariq Perception of Indoor Temperature of
Naturally Ventilated Classroom
Environments during Warm Periods in a
Tropical City
- - -
ID. 2758 Priscilla L. D. David Thermal Perception of Users of Different Age Groups in Urban Parks in Warm Weather Conditions
ID. 2778 Gianni Scudo Environmental sustainability in scholastic
facilities: an integrated assessment of
building and food
ID. 2418 Malay Dave Towards Sustainable Modular Housing: A Case Study of Thermal Performance Optimisation for Australia
ID. 2539 Rashmi Jawahar Ganesh Sustainable Habitat for Developing
Societies: Learning from European
ID. 2312 Alessandra Donato Full scale dynamic monitoring: school and office in
Aosta, Italy.
ID. 2356 Zheng Tan “LEED-Oriented” Projects in Mainland China and the Indication to Sustainable Practice in Developing Countries
Poster PE – Materials, KCG, Faith (SF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2437 Kyoungwon Lee Survey on electrical energy use in Asia office facility and economic analysis through the application of Battery Energy Storage system (BESS)
ID. 2198 Dharati Sote – Wankhade Optimizing energy through on-site reuse and recycle construction waste in residential project – A
Case Study of Pune
ID. 2299 Xiao Hui Use of Energy-efficient Materials and Sustainable Design Strategy for Large Sports Architecture in Beijing
ID. 2282 Bouguerra E.H. Performance of Phase Change Materials for Cooling of Buildings in Mild Climates
ID. 2626 Fawaz Rob Exploring New Methods of Constructing Houses with Sustainable Materials in Rural Bangladesh
ID. 2585 Manuel Correia Guedes Proposal of a Methodology for the Architectural Design of Timber Houses
ID. 2733 Kheira Anissa Tabet Aoul Window Components’ Heat Control versus Orientation under the Extreme Hot Climate of the UAE
ID. 2746 Oliver Kinnane Investigation of thermal resistance and
bridging in examples of contemporary and
vernacular solid wall architecture
Poster PF – Vernaular architecture, KCG, Progress (FF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
- - -
ID. 2336 Helena Coch Diurnal Radiative Cooling of Spaces in Mediterranean Climate
ID. 2781 Manisha Kaul High Performance Landscapes – Reclaiming Lost “Ground”
ID. 2516 Masanori Sugawara Measurement of Thermal Radiation
Properties of Large Heating Equipment
Using Infrared Thermography
ID. 2143 Ezequiel Uson Guardiola Strategies to achieve the NZEB goal in the energetic refurbishment of existing built heritage. A case study
ID. 2827 Daniel Pineda Guzmán Phantom Loads in Residential Projects in
Medellín, Colombia
ID. 2623 Changho Moon Renewable Energy Application in Floating Architecture
ID. 2664 Alessandro Rogora Luminescent, Transparent and Colored, Pv Systems
in Architecture: Potential Diffusion and Integration
in the Built Environment
ID. 2383 Juliana Portela Vilar de Analysis of daylight performance in classrooms in humid and hot climate
Poster PG – Passive Design, KCG, Contentment (SF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2508 Maria Spastri Energy codes for Mediterranean Climates: comparing
the energy effi ciency of High and Low Mass residential
buildings in California and Cyprus.
ID. 2571 Silvia R. Morel Correa Architectural Design:
form follows sustainability?
ID. 2577 Manuel Correia Guedes Technical and Culturally Sensitive
Solutions to Foster Sustainable Housing in
Southern Angola
ID. 2456 Adrian Pitts Sustainability and the Urban Planning Context: Housing Development in Algeria
ID. 2538 Nesrine Merzougui Expographic Lighting in Reused buildings, a Preliminary Assessment of Three Museums in Algiers
ID. 2897 Jose Mendoza Milara Deconstruction + Reuse = Nø Waste
ID. 2797 Bart Janssens Building a Generic Methodological
Framework for a Sustainability Tool
Tailored for Architect-Designers
ID. 2320 Kumiko Hatanaka Ventilation Cooling Effects of the Rammed
Earth Wall Built in the Hotel Guest Room
Day 3: 10:25-12:05 – Thursday, December 18, 2014
Session 7A – Passive design, KCG, Auditorium
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2836 Ayesha Batool From Romance to Performance: Assessing the Impacts of Jali Screens on Energy Savings and Daylighting Quality of Office Buildings in Lahore, Pakistan
ID. 2487 Boris Karamata Concept, Design and Performance of a Shape Variable Mashrabiya as a Shading and Daylighting System for Arid Climates
ID. 2562 Juan Marcelo Jausoro Climate Profile For The Development Of Bioclimatic Architecture In Colombia: A Comparative Analysis
ID. 2629 Ahmed Sherif Energy Efficient Hospital Patient Room Design: Effect of Room Shape on Window-to-Wall Ratio in a Desert Climate
ID. 2670 Lilly Rose Amirtham Study on the microclimatic conditions and thermal comfort in an institutional campus in hot humid climate
Session 7B – Performance evaluation and design feedback, KCG, Compassion (GF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2231 Bart Janssens The Ability of Current Rating Tools to Guarantee Sustainable Successes: Balance and Perspective
ID. 2735 Hidenori Kawai Numerical study: How does a high-rise building affect the surrounding thermal environment by its shading effect?
ID. 2834 Janaki Contractor Potential for net zero energy neighbourhoods in the Ahmedabad urban and solar contexts
ID. 2161 Barbara Widera Bioclimatic architecture as an opportunity for developing countries
ID. 2917 Harvey Bryan Real-Time Monitoring of Envelope Assemblies
Session 7C – User behaviour, thermal comfort & energy performance, KCG, Grace (GF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2707 Gail Brager Occupant Feedback in Energy-Conscious and ‘Business as Usual’ Buildings in India
ID. 2720 Sanyogita Manu Assessment of Air Velocity Preferences and Satisfaction for Naturally Ventilated Office Buildings in India
ID. 2742 Wolfgang Kessling Evaluation of Comfort Concepts with Tempered Air and Elevated Air Speed in Tropical Climate
ID. 2912 Kate Carter Learning energy systems: An holistic approach to low energy behaviour in schools
Session 7D – Tools and methods/ framework, KCG, Trust (FF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2907 Nathan Brown Monitoring and Visualizing High Performance Building Strategies
ID. 2843 Shrikar Bhave Helping the design team better visualize energy and its interactions with the help of physically accurate graphical representations
ID. 2895 Jennifer Wen Lin Liao The study of sky view factor in urban morphologies: computational tools and methods of analysis
ID. 2793 Roberta Souza Investigation of methodologies for artificial lighting performance simulations with the presence of shading devices in residential buildings
Day 3: 14:10-15:50 – Thursday, December 18, 2014
Session 8A – Material technology, KCG, Auditorium
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2158 Barbara Widera Possible Application of Seaweed as Building Material in the Modern Seaweed House on Læsø
ID. 2186 D.Kannamma Design best practice methods to minimize the impact of building materials on urban microclimate
ID. 2428 Qinpeng Wang Re-evaluation of Passive Design measures in the BASF house in recognition of Uncertainty and Model Discrepancy
ID. 2454 Neha Bhatia Life cycle assessment as a tool for material selection. – A comparison of autoclaved aerated concrete and VSBK brick wall assembly.
ID. 2480 Evrard Arnaud First monitoring results of three straw bale buildings in Belgium
Session 8B – Innovative construction technology, KCG, Compassion (GF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2708 Takashi Asawa Microclimatic effects of individual trees with their transpiration
ID. 2749 Oliver Kinnane Assessment of the double-skin façade
passive thermal buffer effect
ID. 2767 Pascal Brinks Low-Energy Industrial Buildings for Climates of Emerging Countries
ID. 2831 Archana Narendran Flexible and environmentally responsive high density housing in Bangalore, India
ID. 2182 Savneet Kaur Abodes in Adobe
Session 8C – Building reuse and refurbishment, KCG, Grace (GF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2228 Marianna Rosa Arpano A Multi-Stage Approach to Low Carbon Housing Renovations
ID. 2737 Ahmed Hassan Strategies for Environment Friendly Low Energy Retrofitting of Health Care Facility in Hot Climate of UAE
ID. 2756 L.C. Havinga Relating Sustainability Indicators to the Refurbishment of the existing Building Stock
ID. 2874 Alexander González Castaño Sustainable hotel industry from the perspective of the social environmental management
Session 8D – Integration of renewable energy, KCG, Trust (FF)
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2288 Fernanda Antonio Zero Energy Solar-House Technology Aiming Greenhouse Gases Emissions Reduction by Residential Sector in Brazil
ID. 2347 Reiner Braun Development of Multivalent PV-Thermal Collectors for Cooling, Heating and Generation of Electricity
ID. 2459 Ayşegül Tereci Parametric analysis method for urban energy transformation projects
ID. 2493 Aritra Ghosh Multifunctional Glazing System-Solution for Modern Smart Glazing
Published in absentia
Paper ID Presenting Author Title
ID. 2548 Jeewon Paek Environmental Performance of Adaptive
Building Envelope Design: Urban housing
in Seoul, Korea
ID. 2807 Maryam Siddiq Establishing Energy Efficient Building Codes in Developing Nations: An analysis of window characteristics suited to hot-dry climates through a study of the residential byelaws of Lahore, Pakistan
ID. 2132 Samina Mazumder Tuli Impact of Vegetation in Urban Open
Spaces in Dhaka City; In Terms of Air
ID. 2162 Arulmalar Ramaraj Exploring the Current Practices of Post Consumer PET Bottles and the Innovative Applications as a Sustainable Building Material – A Way Ahead
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environmentally sensitive and energy
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