Conference dinner

Conference dinner at ‘Vishalla’ on December 17, 2014

About ‘Vishalla’

Vishalla offers a unique experience of dining in a typical Indian village setting. Folk songs being sung, puppet shows representing local stories, traditional dance and magic shows, etc. offer a fantastic opportunity to visitors to relax and enjoy the entire experience of being in a village. The place is lit with lanterns, has low seating and wooden planks for dining tables surrounded by mud plastered walls under a sloping tiled and thatched roof. The menu is extensive with a wide range of local food varieties served on a tree leaf. The food is served by traditionally dressed staff who offer the same warmth and hospitality as anticipated in the Indian culture. Indeed an experience!

About ‘Vechaar’, the museum of utensils

The museum prides itself as a unique collection of old and traditional utensils collected over time. The utensils in the museum have been handed down over years and represent the unmatched art and genius of mankind, thus preserving the rich heritage from being lost.

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The conference dinner has been organized for all registered PLEA2014 delegates. The dinner charges are included as part of the conference registration fees. Organizers will provide two-way local transport from conference venue to Vishalla. Please enroll yourself before Dec 16, 1800hrs at the PLEA2014 helpdesk to avail the transport facility for conference dinner.